My Home Lab

Overview of my home lab infrastructure

Ron Rivera

2 minute read

Today is officially the start of the Christmas Holiday shutdown here down under and one of the things I wanted to accomplish during this period is to revisit my home lab, shake off the dust and repurpose them to something more useful.

Ron Rivera

9 minute read

Back in August I bought a couple of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to replace my aging Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (Rev 1 & 2) boards. The new rpis are more powerful than the older models with 1.4Ghz CPU and 1GB memory and it would be interesting to know the kind of workloads that can run on them. I saw an article in the Internet about running Kubernetes on it which really got me excited and wanted to try out.

Ron Rivera

6 minute read

Back in January this year, I made a post about deploying Kubernetes on AWS using kubespray and have had my fair share of running into some challenges managing the cluster. Anyone who have bootstrapped a vanilla kubernetes cluster would agree that installing it is one thing but looking after it is a full-time job.